Trans-disciplinary artist Giuliana Funkhouser combines digital code and synthesized audio with analog stills and animations to produce story driven installations. Which exact mediums are layered varies across projects, but a preoccupation with populations and ever-shifting news affected by the consequences of climate change emerges throughout her work. Funkhouser completed her Dual Degree at the San Francisco Art Institute focusing on Art & Technology and The History & Theory of Contemporary Art in May 2020. Her written thesis examined work by artists who use scores as a basis for their compositional research, while her solo and collaborative sound works with colleagues Eliza Phelan-Harder and Kate Rannells (together known as The Witches) have most recently been performed and exhibited at the Laundry Gallery, the Center for New Music and Fort Mason in San Francisco, CA, as well as the Wall-of-Sound Beach House in Quincy, MA.


The Witches

Since 2017 The Witches sound art collective has been conjuring installations to raise awareness about deaf discourse and the environmental sublime through haptics and noise. We are Kate Rannells, Eliza Phelan-Harder and Giuliana Funkhouser.


Music production project lead by Giuliana Funkhouser & co. to celebrate the little things one ambient soundcape at a time.

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