The built soundscape surrounding us all is often unconsidered, resulting in unavoidable immersive experiences that can be harsh and hostile for many. Even as our ears are desensitized and deadened to the urgent volume of everything, there are many instances in the world where layers upon layers of cacophonous sound continuously act upon our bodies.

Wrapped within the sounds of San Francisco’s North Beach, the Diego Rivera Gallery is a space of sonic immensity and decay. This is an architectural space where echoes continue long after sounds have ended. To respond, we have built a three-part installation using the gallery’s reverberant qualities to create a space of considered sound. Here, we invite you to explore and discover sonic experiences designed for an architecture that was built for sight, but not for sound.

Materials: Steel, wood, electronic components

Collaborative installation by The Witches sound art collective
(Giuliana Funkhouser, Eliza Phelan-Harder, Kate Rannells)

Video documentation by Giuliana Funkhouser

© 2021 Giuliana Funkhouser